GARDEN MAINTENANCE SERVICEApollo Tree Services you exceptional garden maintenance services in Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath. Garden Maintenance Service is important to residential owners. A residential owner’s lawn and the garden is an extension of the home. Whether you want to keep your garden simple or attractive, the plants must be maintained by hiring professional services like Apollo Tree Service.

You need to note that if your garden is well maintained then it remains

  • Green
  • Lively
  • Healthy
  • Free of pest

So, don’t you want such garden? If yes then call us now.

Apollo Tree Services is a licensed tree surgeon company. we provide garden lawn care services to ensure your landscape looks its best all the time.
If your garden is maintained properly then it is affordable than replacement. Showing irregularity in maintaining your lawn or garden can become unhealthy. With having a wide experience in landscaping maintenance services we are one of the leading companies in the industry.

In our garden maintenance services, we also inspect the soil and plant needed for your lawn or garden. When landscaping is not properly manured, the plants may show signs of disease.

If you’re unsure whether the plants in your lawn or garden are compatible with your yard. So, call us. Our team will perform a free garden assessment. Once the survey is completed we will advise regarding the plants which can be planted in your garden. Moreover, we will remove those plants which are not required in your garden.

Apollo tree services offer you the following garden maintenance services:

  • Cutting & Lawn Treatment
  • Cleaning of leafs
  • Tree and Plant trimming
  • French Drain
  • Garden Survey
  • Plant and Tree Removal

Being a tree surgeon, services we offer are handled by professionals. Our well qualified, trained and experienced workers do these types of a job by keeping in mind the safety hazards.

We are leading UK tree surgeons. Because we have the latest technological equipment which makes our processes smooth and saves time. If you are looking for professional tree surgeons near you? Then without any further blink choose us.

The dedication of Apollo Tree Service has made us be one of the leading tree surgeon companies. Moreover, we aim to provide you high-quality services as we targets to achieve high customer satisfaction.

If you require residential home services, then call us on 01674 832836 for free survey and inspection. To, our esteemed customers, we also offer you free quotes which are market competitive and suits your budget.

We offer Emergency Tree Services, Tree Maintenance, Commercial Services, Garden Maintenance Services, Garden Landscaping Services, Patios, Driveway, Monoblock services, and Residential Homes.  Apollo Tree services offer its services throughout Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath.