Apollo Tree Services offers you exceptional Garden Landscaping Services. we offer our services in Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath. In our garden landscaping services, we offer you garden design services which include all the landscaping features for your property.


Worried of maintaining your exterior of garden? Or how to keep grass green? So, our garden landscaping management is the answer. We have the professionals who are qualified, trained and experienced to do these types of a job. They go beyond expectations to achieve high customer satisfaction. Moreover, we have innovative and latest tools that make our processes smooth and save time.

Best Garden Services in town!

We maintain proper industry ethics. Therefore, Apollo Tree Services is one of the leading garden design or garden landscaping companies in Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath.

Moreover, our small garden services include cobblestone edging, mailbox installations, replanting, cutting grass, tree trimming, walkway repairs, and seasonal plant arrangement.

In this regard, we like to add if you are having any worry in designing your garden landscape, planting and exterior options for your garden. So, are you planning to design your courtyard into a proper garden? So, you got the best company for all this. Furthermore, we have customized or personalized designs for you. Moreover, our consultants can create a garden design that can be achievable for your dream garden.

We offers following services:

  • lawn maintenance services
  • Small garden design services
  • Turf maintenance
  • Tree and shrub pruning service
  • Plant management Irrigation to the plants
  • Exterior designing services

And this vast package of services don’t just stop here. Because we have so much to offer.

The usability of our services!!!

You must be thinking what will happen with our services? So, without any wasting further time. Let’s get to know its numerous functions like:

  • proper garden design
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Attractive exterior
  • Limit erosion
  • Retain or block heat and wind

Have you ever think what would happen without these services? If these lawn maintenance services are not there. So, then some serious issues will take place like:

  • Pest infections
  • Lack of visibility
  • Overgrown plants
  • Congested space

If you require a garden landscaping service. So, then call us 01674 832836 for free survey and inspection. Moreover, to our esteemed customers, we also offer you free quotes that are market competitive and suit your budget. Furthermore, we offer Emergency Tree Services, Tree Maintenance, Commercial Services, Garden Maintenance Services, Garden Landscaping Services, Patios, Driveway, Monoblock services, and Residential Homes. So, now Apollo Tree services offer its services throughout Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath.