EMERGENCY TREE SERVICESIn need of emergency tree services? Or want urgent tree stump removal services? So, then Apollo tree services are here to cover you up. We are operating 24/7. So, that we can operate our emergency services throughout Montrose, Dundee, Forfar, Angus, and Arbroath.

Due to bad weather, strong winds, or heavy snow, trees often become defenseless. Therefore, they fell on the roads, walkways or even in your garden. But, you don’t need to worry. Because we are here to take over the situation.

How to get a tree stump out in the snow or rain? It is very difficult, but Apollo Tree Services have professionally trained employees. Our well trained, qualified and experienced workers carry out this type of work professionally.

In emergency time consumption is vital. Therefore, we got latest technology tools. These tools help to deliver work in no mean time. Moreover, we have been approved as a professional tree surgeon company. Therefore, our every service is exceptional. And we are providing such exceptional services since very long.

There is a certain type of trees pose a threat as they could be damaged by the windstorm or heavy snow. So, they should be chopped off. In order to stop them from causing damage to the property and the people.

There are some situations, where the case is severe and the tree surgeon needs to think of solutions that how to take off a gangrenous limb. What to do when tress is fallen on the buildings? Call us. so we can move out and dispose of those trees so that the team can carry out construction work. There are six types of storm damages that a tree can take it:
blow overs,
stem failures,
weak branches,
lightning hits,
crown twists,
Weak roots.
Even, a tree has fallen on the ground, tree surgery requires experience and methodological skill, and it’s a lot more complicated and difficult than merely taking a chainsaw to a tree. Without having appropriate expertise and apparatus, you should not attempt tree surgery. If the tree fell as a result of damages, there may be further dangers of some other failing branches.

If you require a garden landscaping service, then call us 01674 832836 for free survey and inspection. To, our esteemed customers, we also offer you free quotes that are market competitive and suit your budget.

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