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Trees Come In Many Shapes And Sizes,Apollo Tree Services For Forfar Are Young Tree Maintenance Experts

The industry standard definition of a tree is one that is ofapprox. 10-12cm in girth, with a clear stem to about 1.2-1.5m metres in height, and which holds a sub-divided branching structure above this section, up to about 3m tall. Whips are the younger tree saplings; they are approx. 600mm in length and they are planted in great numbers to achieve the best yield of success in growth, as well as ensuring the coverage of a large area of land; such as with the forestry commission board.

Newly planted tree need constant attention and watering. In spring and summer, Apollo Tree Services For Forfar advise that you water new trees as often as possible. Once the tree is planted it is almost impossible to over water it, unlike a pot plant. We understand, however, that this is not always possible to give your young tree as much care and attention as you may like. This is where we come in to help and offer expert solutions to all your young tree maintenance needs.

Create The Best Start For Your Young Tree, Choose Apollo Tree Services For Forfar For Expert Grounding Techniques

We offer a weeding and mulching service at any time of the year, and would like to stress the importance of this for new trees. Removing excess grass and surrounding weeds will prevent these two strong and hardy plants competing with the young tree for the water and nutrients it desperately needs. Laying mulch (woodchip, leaf mould, etc.) will help keep the soil moist and prevent weeds returning.

Build From That Best Start For Your Young Tree By Choosing Apollo Tree Services For Forfar For Expert Securing Methods And Protective Measures

Your young tree is planted and ready to take on the elements and grow proud and tall, but there are a couple of more steps you can take to further guarantee the success of your young tree, and Apollo Tree Services For Forfar are the experts you need to call to make sure these steps are taken and applied professionally. Check guards, ground stakes, and securing tying are all essential practices for successful young tree maintenance.

Check guards help protect your young tree from external damage caused by dogs and local wildlife; cars, if the tree is located near a road or street;from mowers and strimmers when you’re tending your lawn, and also from sad, thoughtless vandalism, that remains an unfortunate truth for gardeners.

Ground stakes offer significant support to a tree until its anchoring roots begin growing and secure themselves to the soil. If a stake becomes loose then the young tree whip might begin rocking in the wind, preventing the anchoring roots from fully developing and thus killing the young tree.Apollo Tree Services For Forfar have many years experience in young tree maintenance and have the expertise to ensure your stake will be secured against the elements.
Tree cable ties and other similar tying methods secure the young tree to ground the stake. Ties that become loose will offer no protection in preventing the tree from rocking, no matter how secure the ground stake may be. Apollo Tree Services For Forfar conduct all jobs, no matter how small, with utter professionalism and will ensure that your young tree in tied securely, and offer expert advice on how to adjust the ties as the tree grows.

So please, call Apollo Tree Services For Forfar today for all your young tree maintenance needs and questions.

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