Scotland's old trees are priceless features to our landscape. They offer import habitat for woodland creatures and birds, as well as providing ecological benefits and representing an eco-site of historical significance. Ancient trees are often rare and unique habitats for a diverse selection of endangered wildlife and support a variety of fungi cultures, invertebrate families, as well as avian and mammalian life.
Old trees are fragile precious and need specialist methods of care. Ineffective or unsuitable maintenance threatens to destroy habitats and thus cause the loss of endangered wildlife, or even the entire tree. With the exception of overriding Health and Safety issues, work to ancient trees must be kept to a minimum, and only undertaken over a period of years towards a long-term solution. Apollo Tree Services can offer a 20-30 year long maintenance solution, which will outline each stage of the necessary work so as to ensure our arboreal treasures are not lost to history.
Apollo Tree Services are experts in offering specialist ancient tree surgery solutions. Techniques normally involve using pruning methods that mimic naturally occurring and developing fractures, attending to failing branch areas, and retrenching the canopy. These methods all promote fresh growth, develop new habitats, and give a natural finish to the final appearance.