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Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth also offers a selection of garden services options, allowing you to enjoy more quality time in your garden for yourself. Whether you are a busy professional wishing you had more time to get the garden of your dreams; or perhaps you’re elderly, disabled or would simply like some assistance in tending to your the garden, Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth can help you with all areas of garden services.

Our Garden Services For Monifieth

Lawn care: There’s nothing quite so satisfying as looking out your a freshly cut and neat trimmed lawn; if only it wasn’t so much hassle to do, especially through the summer months. That’s where Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth’s garden services experts can help. We will look after all your lawn care requirements, from mowing and feeding it, to weeding and aftercare nurture, or even creating an entirely new lawn. For more information on how Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth will care for your lawn, call us today; we’re here to help with your garden services needs.

Clearance & Preparation: Have you recently moved into a new property? Are the garden areas feeling daunting to manage? Some developers may leave the gardens of new houses a little like a construction site, with all sorts of detritus and debris still lying strewn about with only a little topsoil to disguise it. With a bit of know how and diligence, however, this eyesore can easily be sorted,preparing the garden services for the project you’ve been dreaming of, your own private oasis. Perhaps your gardens have just become a little overgrown and are in need of being brought back under control. Whatever your reasons may be,Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth can quickly restore your garden to its natural good looks thanks to our expertise in garden services.

Planting: Do you feel your garden is maybe lacking in colour? Do you want to spruce it up a little with some new flowers and foliage? Are you perhaps unsure about what plants will best suit your specific soil type; the aspect of your garden landscape; or its inclines? Maybe you’d like some perennial Spring bulbs planted to add familiar colours you can enjoy again and again. Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth can either select and supply the best plants for you; or, we can happily plant the ones you have already chosen and purchased yourself, ensuring that they are guaranteed begin with the best possible life in their new home.

Apollo Tree Services For Monifieth: No Job Too Small

Hedge Trimming, Pruning Tree Work, Tidy Ups, and Weeding: Weeding! The job we all hate, but we all must accept is an inevitable job of the gardener. The same goes for pruning shrubs that have outgrown their initial planting space or have become wearied by the elements and grown unkempt. Whether it’s any of these jobs, or laying down mulch, pruning or removing trees,raking dead leaves, and tidying hedges, Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth promise to make your garden the perfect place to relax in. For more information on weeding and other aspects of tidy garden services, call Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth today.

General Handy work: There is bound to little niggling jobs you forget about, and never quite manage to get around to sorting – Repairing the broken shed?A pressure jet-wash for the patio, perhaps? Painting and weather sealing the fences; or finally fitting that water butt and hose-tap?Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth can tackle all of these pernickety jobs for you, and more, giving you one less thing on your garden services to-do list to concern yourself with. And come winter, we’ll be more than happy to help with the clearing of driveways and pathways of ice and snow.

Please, call Apollo Tree Services for Monifieth today: We’re here to help you with any and your entire garden services needs right now.

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