Apollo Tree Services understand the growing need to take care of our environment for future generations, which is why we strive for a 100% recycling rate. Tree surgery operation and landscape maintenance creates a huge volume of green waste. All green waste produced during our operations are recycled in a variety of methods:
- Turning timber into firewood, fencing, building materials, and in some cases, the materials for ornate woodcarvings.
- Chipping green waste into fuel to supply power stations producing biomass energy.
- Composting green waste into mulch for local domestic and commercial customers.
As well as these methods of sounds recycling practice, Apollo Tree Services also strive to reduce the impact our work has on our environment by:
- Using chainsaws fuelled by biodegradable oil
- Any non-green waste created is recycled in accordance with manufacturing and governmental guidelines.
- All office supplies waste is also recycled; such as printing cartridges, plastic, cardboard and paper, and fluorescent lighting.
- Any waste oil, or fluids deemed toxic, are collected for processing by official license holding waste management professionals.

Apollo Tree Services take our responsibility to protect any and all wildlife we are working alongside very seriously. In strict adherence to the guidelines set out in the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, Apollo Tree Services undertake habitat assessments on each and every tree that requires our services, as well as surveying its surrounding ground vegetation before we commence any work, and only then once we are fully satisfied with the necessary procedural decisions we reach. Our assessments are designed to determine what, if any, disturbances will occur to natural habitats as a result of our operations, and thus to establish the most careful course of suitable action we must then take in order to protect the fragile balance of wildlife.